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To inform and educate the public and other agencies about the Conservation 20/20 Program, Land Stewardship and conservation in general, the program publishes and/or distributes an increasing number of informative brochures.

The following files are suitable for on-screen viewing only. The image quailty for printing has been reduced to reduce file size, the page sizes are not standard for home printing, and page orientations have been altered for easier viewing.




Conservation 2020 Preserves

General information about the Conservation 20/20 Program including an overview map; the history, purpose and funding of the program; how to nominate your property for acquisition and whom to contact.

The PDF file is intended to be printed double sided on 11"x17" paper and folded.



Legacy Program

Imagine a Conservation 20/20 Preserve with your namesake... The Legacy Program is an incentive program to attract owners of exceptional conservation land to preserve it for future generations and to honor family heritage.

  BAAF - Brochure Cover


WWII Cultural Resource - BAAF

Learn which Conservation 20/20 preserves contain remnant elements associated with WWII Buckingham Army Air Field's Flexible Gunnery School.  Wild Turkey Strand Preserve is open to view several cultural resource interpretive panels about our regional WWII history and connection to the gunnery training school.